Reasons why detox is needed in addiction treatment

Detox on its own is a dangerous process except if it is medically assisted which ensures safety by reducing withdrawal symptoms.

Detoxification is the act of allowing the body eliminate the drugs in it. The essence of detoxification is to safely handle withdrawal symptoms that come with addiction.

When someone takes the bold step to stop taking alcohol and drugs, they experience withdrawal symptoms which could be distasteful.

Below are some reasons why addicts need detoxification:

Elimination of withdrawal symptoms

The primary essence of detoxification is to reduce or eliminate withdrawal symptoms. If an individual has been taking drugs and alcohol for a long time, toxins are built up in their body. These toxins are what cause withdrawal symptoms when the individual refrains from their addiction.

The intensity of withdrawal symptoms vary from individual to individual. For some, it might be grave while it could be mild in some cases.

Better sleep

It is a known fact that most people who are addicted do not have good sleep. And quality sleep is essential to ensure your body is healthy and fit. When you sleep, your brain undergoes reorganization and it recharges itself.

Poor sleep quality causes some health problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity and a host of others. With detoxification, you will have better sleep which gives your health a boost.


If you want to have a smooth addiction recovery, you need to detox. Entering addiction treatment without any form of detoxification is not advised especially if you were addicted to substances like alcohol and drugs.

Hence, to achieve optimum comfort that allows you to keep a clear head all through your addiction process, you need to detox.

One of the mistakes that people make is, they try to detox themselves. This is a dangerous process that should not be tried. It is best for a health professional to be involved in the entire detoxification process.

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