Alcohol addiction is one of the commonest forms of addiction in the world, and it is something which is hard for addicts to break free from. Often times, alcohol addiction starts off as a normal drinking habit.

With time, it progresses into a compulsive and obsessive disorder whereby the addict cannot do without taking alcohol. Moreso, if the addict refrains from alcohol intake for a while, he or she experiences great discomfort which is known as withdrawal symptoms.

There are a good number of alcohol rehabs in Nova Scotia which are committed to ensuring that they provide ample care and treatment for alcohol addicts.

Nova Scotia is the second smallest province in Canada, and it has a fairly large population. The medical help available in Nova Scotia is top-notch, hence, you can expect that recovering addicts are in safe hands.

Usually, addicts find it difficult to agree that they have an addiction problem. To them, they see it as a way of satisfying their desires each time the urge surfaces. Hence, this could be a determining factor that affects their recovery progress.

This is why most rehab centres in Nova Scotia would first confirm from you, if you have accepted that you are addicted. Once this has been acknowledged, then the addict can become a full-fledged member of the rehab centre.

There are various forms of treatment for alcohol addiction, some of which are typical of the alcohol rehabs in Nova Scotia.

The very first one is detoxification, which has to do with the removal of toxins, which are harmful substances from the body, thereby preventing withdrawal symptoms.

Then, outpatient and inpatient are the main rehab programmes which most rehabs run. This is followed by an aftercare programme, which is responsible for ensuring that the person does not relapse.

These are some of the notable alcohol rehabs in Nova Scotia:

  • Addiction Services- South West Health
  • Patterson Law
  • Eagle’s Nest Recovery House
  • Crosbie House
  • Foundation for Youth Support- Fisherman’s Memorial Hospital
  • We Care Home Health Services Halifax
  • Mi’kmaw Lodge Treatment Centre
  • Alcare Place
  • Choices Adolescent Treatment Programme

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