New Brunswick is one of the maritime provinces in Canada. It borders the state of Maine to the west. In New Brunswick, there is the problem of alcohol addiction, which some of the citizens are facing.

Basically, alcohol addiction occurs when the use of alcohol has become a priority in the life of an individual. Hence, the individual would take alcohol from time to time, in order to feel good.

If for a period of time, the individual does not take alcohol, he or she would be in great discomfort, and this is known as withdrawal symptoms.

Therefore, alcohol addicts would take alcohol on a more regular basis, as against the harmless intermittent use.

Alcohol addicts are known to have little or no control over their lives because of the obsessive, compulsive and dangerous behaviour which they indulge in. It makes them to have strained relationships, it affects their finance, career and the likes.

In New Brunswick, there are a good number of alcohol rehab which provide sufficient treatment and care for those who are suffering from alcohol addiction, and they are listed below:

  • Wolastoqewiyik Healing Lodge
  • We Care Home Health Services Saint John
  • We Care Home Health Services Moncton
  • Vitalite Health Network Moncton
  • Teen Challenge Atlantic
  • Victorian Order of Nurses for Canada Western Region Miramichi
  • Victorian Order of Nurses for Canada Western Region Edmundston
  • Rising Sun Rehabilitation Centre
  • Fredericton Shelter (Grace House for Women)
  • We Care Home Health Services Fredericton

These alcohol rehabs are top-notch, as they are known for providing proficient addiction treatment services which would ensure that the addict gets back on his or her feet. The first phase of treatment for alcohol addiction, is detoxification.

During the detoxification process, it involves the removal of harmful toxins which are in the body. Once it has been sorted out, then the individual would have to opt for either an outpatient rehab or inpatient rehab like a New Brunswick Alcohol Rehab.

If the individual is an executive or CEO, and he requires privacy, then he can go for the executive rehab.

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