In British Columbia, addiction is a known problem, and the major ones which are known to adversely affect people are alcohol and drug addiction.

Alcohol addiction is basically the condition when an individual takes much alcohol, to the extent that he or she becomes so dependent on it. As a matter of fact, it becomes the most essential thing in the life of the person.

People who are addicted to alcohol, continue taking it, being fully aware of the fact that there are inherent adverse consequences which are attached to it such as losing their jobs, financial constraints, strained relationships and the likes.

However, irrespective of the knowledge of this fact, they still continue to drink.

Alcohol addiction occurs when too much alcohol is taken, which results in chemical changes in the brain. These changes enhance the pleasurable feelings which come with drinking alcohol. Hence, the individual will want to drink more frequently, thereby putting him or her in harm’s way.

With time, these pleasurable feelings subside, and withdrawal symptoms set in. Therefore, if the individual stays away from alcohol for a period of time, they are affected by withdrawal symptoms which are known to cause great discomfort and unpleasantness.

Alcohol addicts need help, and it is advised that they get help from proficient addiction treatment centres. Spotting an alcohol addict might be difficult, but if you are observant enough, you will be able to know one.

Most times, they exhibit anger and violence, they lie about certain events, their schedules become messed up. The same goes for their personal hygiene, as it gets on a decline, their physical stature also becomes frail.

At this point, it is needed that they seek help promptly.

The following alcohol addiction treatment centres are located in British Columbia:

  • Top of the World Ranch Treatment Centre
  • Options Okanagan Treatment Centre
  • Options Okanagan Treatment Centre
  • Sunshine Coast Health Centre
  • Orchard Recovery Centre Vancouver
  • Last Door Recovery Centre
  • Together We Can- Addiction Recovery and Education Society
  • Edgewood Treatment Centre
  • InnerVisions Recovery Society
  • Cedars at Cobble Hill
  • Pegasus Recovery Solutions Ltd
  • Pacifica Treatment Centre 1977
  • Sage Health Centre
  • Path to Freedom

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